Platform Selection Report For Audio Brand: Amazon US, Target, Bestbuy


In the world of online retail, choosing the right platform is more than just a decision — it’s a strategic move that could make or break your brand’s success. Whether you’re an established audio brand or a budding start-up, the choice of platform can significantly impact your reach, sales, and overall brand image. In this report, we analyze three heavyweight e-commerce platforms — Amazon US, Target, and BestBuy — to help you make an informed and strategic decision.

1. Amazon US:


• Unparalleled Audience Reach: Amazon US is a behemoth in the online marketplace, offering an unrivaled customer base. This extensive reach could catapult your brand to new heights.

• Consumer Diversity: Amazon US caters to all demographic groups, allowing your brand to penetrate various market segments.

• Constantly Changing Landscape: With a market that never sleeps, opportunities for visibility and growth are plentiful.


• Average Discounts: Despite its vast audience, Amazon US offers an average discount rate of 10%, which may not be as appealing to bargain hunters.

• Limited Brand-Specific Promotions: Detailed information about brand-specific changes, such as price fluctuations and stock availability, can be sparse.


Amazon US is a power player for brands seeking maximum visibility and a diverse consumer base. However, it requires strategic pricing and promotions to stand out in the crowded landscape.

2. Target USA:


• Competitive Discounts: Averaging a 25% discount, Target USA is a magnet for budget-conscious shoppers.

• Transparent Brand Actions: This platform excels at providing clear, brand-specific updates, including price changes and new product launches.

• Niche Market Focus: Target USA’s curated selection allows your brand to shine in a less crowded, more focused market.


• Limited Product Variety: With a smaller product range, the choices available to consumers are fewer compared to other platforms.


Target USA is a promising choice for brands targeting price-sensitive consumers and preferring a niche market approach. The platform’s transparency on brand actions enhances customer trust and loyalty.

3. BestBuy:


• Vibrant Market: BestBuy offers a balanced marketplace with a wide array of brands and products.

• Competitive Average Discounts: With an average discount of 12.90%, BestBuy appeals to a broad consumer base.

• In-Depth Brand Actions: BestBuy excels in providing detailed information on brand-specific actions, promoting trust and transparency.


• Product Range: Although diverse, BestBuy’s product range is significantly smaller compared to Amazon US.


BestBuy is the perfect middle ground, striking a balance between the vast reach of Amazon and the niche focus of Target. It’s a great choice for brands seeking both diversity and transparency.


Choosing where to sell your audio brand is a strategic decision that requires careful consideration of your brand’s objectives, target audiences, and the market landscape. Each platform — Amazon, Target, and BestBuy — brings unique strengths to the table. Your decision should mirror your brand’s vision and goals. Regardless of your choice, this guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview to navigate the digital marketplace successfully.

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